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August 30, 2018
Memo To: Robert T. Brown, President MWA
George O’Donnell, DNR
MWA Board of Directors
Subject: Misc. Issues for Action

At our recent general membership meeting several issues of major importance were discussed with an insistence of help from MWA and DNR:

  1.  Maryland Crab Labeling on any canned crabmeat sold in Maryland. We are strongly concerned with foreign crabmeat being sold as Maryland crabmeat and ask for regulation or legislation to solve this problem ASAP.

  2. We are very concerned about the State pushing for aquaculture and a reduction of the wild oyster harvest through expansion of the sanctuary program. We support what Virginia is doing in rotation of cultivation and harvest of sanctuaries. We know this has been discussed but we would like a firm report and decision on the issue as promised.

  3. We know the Governor is concerned with the Conowingo Dam flood waters issue and we would like to know what is being done, beyond talk, to fix this severe problem and the negative impact on commercial watermen and our Bay fisheries.

/s/ William “Bill” Scerbo
President AAWA

CC: Governor Larry Hogan



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