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Seafood Watch - Eastern Oyster, Draft Assessment for Review (April 2023, Monterey Bay Aquarium)

Warning on Vibrio (July 2022)

MD DNR announces new catch limits for Commercial and Rec crabbers (June 28, 2022)

June 2022 Crab Regulation Changes discussion (June 16, 2022)

R.I.P. William Charles “Captain Bill” Neitzey -- August 4, 1940- June 4, 2021

Holiday Party
was a great success with 44 attending, celebrating a good year. Now we need to do more in 2019 and make our voice heard again.


Two county watershed groups to merge into Arundel Rivers Federation

The Anne Arundel Watermen's Association visited Boy Scout Troop 853 October 16, 2018 to present an award and donation to express our gratitude for the outstanding help at the annual crab feast on October 7, 2018. The scouts set up tables and chairs before the crab feast, delivered crabs to tables and spearheaded the clean-up of the Shady Side Community when it was over. THANKS GUYS!!!

Anne Arundel Watermen’s Association partners with Salem Avery Museum -- The Watermen’s Association and Salem Avery Watermen’s Museum have agreed to partner on various fronts to promote the commercial fishing industry and the culture of working watermen and promote the mission and work of the Salem Avery Museum.

AAWA and Salem Avery Museum Success at Oyster Festival - The new partnership between the Anne Arundel Watermen’s Association and the Salem Avery Watermen’s Museum in Shady Side proved to be a valuable and successful partnership following the museum’s annual Oyster Festival on October 21. Over 1,000 people attended the festivities overlooking the West River and our watermen shucked 17 bushels of oysters from the lower Potomac.

Special thanks go to AAWA shuckers Joe Duvall, Robbo Howes, Ryan Mould, Mick Blackistone, and Dave and Kenny Watts. Evelyn Newman, Lou Hyde, and Chuck and Marla Abell provided assistance handling the oysters and serving the public. The museum staff and volunteers were very appreciative of the hard work and friendly watermen who saved the museum over $1200 from past years efforts. Willy Dean, President of the St. Mary’s Watermen’s Association, oysterman and fisherman, provided the oysters and saved the Museum valuable dollars.

The Watermen’s Association intends to do more activities with the Salem Avery Museum to help raise awareness of our association and our watermen in the county. The oyster festival was a tough event to handle, even though we were very successful, and we hope that more watermen will volunteer to help next year.

The other positive note was that we were able to meet and greet a large number of candidates who attended the Festival and are running for local and state offices. We talked about our need for legislation and regulation and support in the Watermen’s Caucus.

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